Mile High City

mile high happiness!


I am so terribly sorry - I couldn’t help myself! I simply had to insert that bad joke and beat that trite horse. And I suppose you can take this as foreshadowing of things to come: I laughing freely and often. Let’s just say that I subscribe to the Kilgore Trout school of life outlook:

“I can't tell if you're serious or not,' said the driver. 
I won't know myself until I find out if life is serious or not,' said Trout. 'It's dangerous, I know, and it can hurt a lot. That doesn't necessarily mean it's serious, too.”

Anyway, I am currently based out of Denver, and would love to meet you! I will be here regularly through the fall, at which point I will split my time evenly between here and Chicago. Whether you live here or are visiting, I would be honored to pop into your life for a few hours and make things even brighter! My scrabble session rate structure is designed to cover a location for we two since I do not have a dedicated locale. I am able to procure one with enough notice, and am always available to visit you.


one 700

ninety 900

two 1,000

three 1,500

the epicureans (four or five) including dinner, lunch or drinks 2,500 **

the languorous lunch (six or seven) 3,000 **

the day trippers (eight or nine) 3,600 **

the night owls (ten to fifteen) 4,000 **

the staycationers (about twenty-four) 4,500 **



Over the last 8+ years, I’ve built a sterling and ethically sound reputation as someone who handles sensitive information with confidentiality and discretion. Please note that I screen thoroughly for your safety as well as mine, and that due diligence positively impacts everyone with whom I spend time. These are the steps I take to ensure your privacy:

  • Do not request you send your information through a booking form. Instead, I have you send it directly to my encrypted email account.

  • Provide NDA’s to anyone interested.

  • Delete information containing sensitive information (then empty from trash folder) after meeting for the first time.

With that in mind, please copy and paste the following requirements into an email via the button below:

  1. Full name as appears on DL

  2. City / state of residence as appears on DL

  3. Contact #. (I will NEVER call or text. This is simply for screening purposes.)

  4. Any related social media / screening site account information.

  5. TWO references (website, social media, email) with whom you’ve met in the last 8 - 12 months. (The more recent your references, the better.)

  6. Any other links / information you feel comfortable sharing that will help assure me of the fact that you are a sane, stable, unaffiliated human being.

  7. Please indicate you understand that on a case by case basis / as an extra precaution, I might request a photo of your DL. (In which you may cover up your home address.)

  8. Please indicate that you understand that the more transparent information you provide, the greater our chances of meeting.