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the original Alyx of Chicago | est 2011

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Hi, Love! I’m Alyx. A mid-30’s babe who plays naked scrabble with successful men.

In this post-SESTA/FOSTA world, moral censorship now dictates speak in hushed tones about our carnal desires. So moving forward, I kindly request you refer to me not as your companion, but rather as your “Scrabble partner”. 😂

While utterly PG, it is full of innuendo. It also makes a fantastic cover story when explaining to your staff why you disappeared from the office for two hours on a Tuesday afternoon.

Telling them you’ve taken up competitive game play (which, by the way, is a real thing) isn’t too far a stretch:

You were engaged in a back-and-forth with a professional wordsmith.

You were simultaneously demonstrating your skills while learning new strategies. 

….. You were using your fingers. 

Only you and I need

know that really, you were engaged with a woman who loves to laugh and make you laugh.

Only we will know that I derived extreme pleasure from tripping your triggers one .. by one .. by one en suite. (And tapping into those of which you were previously unaware.)

Blurring the lines between romance and kink, I am the sweet and adoring lover who will hold your hand as we walk to dinner, then tap into your most primal being behind closed doors. I am passionate about the art of the tease and revel in exploring all facets of human sexuality. If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like (both physically and emotionally) to do something a bit out of your realm of normalcy - if you’ve never been able to take that first step - you can take it with me. I provide a safe and sensual space free of judgement and full of exuberance. So let’s discuss! (post-screening, of course)

This will be our secret.

Yes, we will soon be a tangle of limbs & brains soaking up the sum pleasure of our mutual proclivities & interests. This will be our delicious secret, the inception of which begins the very moment you decide to learn more.



And learn more you shall, for we have reached the turning point

where strangers cease to be, and something organic, intense & increasingly knowing takes shape. So who are we? How have we found ourselves here?

You are someone who thinks outside of boxes, and for whom the conventional is boring. You are successful, but have found this comes at a price. You feel the weight of life and are brimming with an alluring amount of existential angst. You feel something is missing.

And I am the woman who wants you to come to her when you are being driven by your lizard brain and searching for the atomic reset button. That something that will make you feel emblazoned, centered and whole.

That something being a well matched game of scrabble, of course!

Genuine human connectivity is what we both seek.

Throughout my entire professional career spectrum (social work, UX research and all my other endeavors) I have utilized my inherent ability to read people to enrich their lives. In the world in which we know one another, this allows you to feel entirely at ease in my presence.

I am the woman around whom you can be your unabashed self. Stories, quirks, dad jokes, eccentricities .. each one uniquely you, and each one utterly appealing.

Explore. Unload. Be yourself.

I get off on what we do, both in our quiet moments and in the moments leading up to them. The delicious uncovering of layers.

The inception of Alyx.

In 2011, I decided to embrace my sexual voracity, love of married men, and desire to connect with a wide range of human beings.

I decided to welcome them as a part of myself and become Alyx. And over the years, I’ve established a reputation as a genuine, sweet, ethical and adventurous partner. I’ve scores of review screenshots attesting to both my personality, character and prurient skill set.

What we cultivate in this space

is an escape, but it is also real. It is never a scripted experience.

You and I are both incredibly busy, so when we connect, it will be a mutual vacation. No airs or pretense, just two people taking a much needed break from the real world while connecting over shared interests and sensations.

Every moment spent together will center, thrill & slake. Together, we will feel as light as the air, and once - one moment together - will never be enough. (Think Kundera.)

As I’ve stated, I am an authentic being. And I expect the same in my partners. So please not enter into this with an eye towards conquest. Only reach out if you want to share in something uniquely us.


You will find that at 35, I’ve the body and face of a 20 something. I attribute this to my fitness pursuits, clean living & good genetics!

My Scottish, Irish & Cherokee heritage has blessed me with high cheekbones and a complexion which fluctuates between tan and beautifully alabaster. I am currently alabaster.

I sport a straight, professionally whitened Lauren Hutton smile. :) I adore my gap, and my lovers do too.

My warm brown hair is very long and all mine. (No extensions.) I am 5’8 in my stockinged feet, and my measurements are a lean & muscular 36C-26-36. I keep a short, natural nail and never wear too much makeup.

Style wise, you will find me in a tasteful dress and heels or flats, Lululemon athletic wear or leggings, my Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots and a pretty top.

The first 12 images were shot August, 2019.


YOUR HANDS ON MY HIPS edging nylons heels teasing dining a well oiled hand lingerie couples travel ravishing legs sensual kinky eye contact a deep kiss OUR DIRTY WORDS whispered IN HUSHED TONES